Pylon racing directory of where to get stuff from and more helpful advice

A couple of Uk pylon racing Facebook pages a useful place to ask questions and see whats going,
UK pylon racing
UK Club 32 racing

Airframes and accessories

Big Bruce Racing
F3d, Q40, Q500, F5d, and much more
A1 composites
F3d, Q40, Q500 airframes and other racing accessories
China made america design
Q4o/F3t airframes
Advance pylon products
Q40/F3t airframes
Matney Models
Q40, Q500, Ef-1 airframes
Great Planes
Quick v6 Q500 Airframe
Evolution Models
E2K Airframes


Rob Metkemeijer MB profi f3d engine
Dub Jett
Aero Racing - Nelson
Weston uk club 32 race engine

Accessories and useful building suppliers

Easy composites
Model Fixings
Darrol Cady
Various supplys]