Garstang Gala 2018

Garstang Gala 2018

We have just had our first Garstang Gala and what a weekend it was - it had it all!

The weekend started off early with camping on the Friday night. We were joined by Team Renegade and friends.

This weekend was going to have a faster paced format than we usually run to spice things up.

Day 1:
We flew 3 rounds on the first day after a mornings practice, the new guys going first. Some entertaining races ensued and people are getting bitten with the go faster bug. The racing started off scrappy but soon enough the pilots are fighting over airspace to squeeze the last tenth out of the aircraft.

We followed up with 3 rounds of F3T and F3D, some dramas unfolded with Bruce loosing an aeroplane and Joe and Pete breaking their own PB by going sub 60 seconds.

Congratulations - sub 60!

Evening Event:
We had a brilliant evening - An amazing show put on by Team Renegade, pyrotechnics, aerobatics good banter and a lot of BBQ - what more can you wish for.

Picture of the evening

Day 2:

The days running order was opposite to day 1, F3D and F3T off first and the open classes afterwards. You could really see the competition really heating up between Team Renegade all culminating into a sensational final.


The Winners!

Thanks to Paul and Joe for organising this brilliant event and a special thanks to Jeff and Rosie for having us.

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