F3D Pylon racing

F3D Pylon racing

F3D is the Formula 1 of model aircraft flying where pilots and mechanics battle it out internationally with an aim to winning the various championships.

The class utilises specialised engines of 6.6cc (0.40 cu in) revving up to 32,000 rpm and achieving airspeeds of around 230mph. The airframes are all moulded and crafted from hi-tech composites; only a few skilled proffesionals around the world create these aircraft.

It is an incredibly difficult class to compete in but there is a great sense of satisfaction and reward once it all comes together. Many compare it to a drug; you get one fast run and you want more!

F3D has very few restrictions compared to other race classes; model dimensions and weight are closely controlled as is a few parameters of the engine; mainly the capacity, intake sizes and propeller restrictions.

F3D is flown on a full size pylon course of 40m x 180m x 180m and a race consists of 10 laps including takeoff, leading teams can achieve this in around 55 seconds.

The full rules for the class can be found here: Link