Is a new class based on the old club 20 models using three widely avaivble 32 size engines (Asp32, Sc32, West 32 speacial), Models can be scratch built or kits are availible with a composite fuselarge and a vaneer covered foam wing.

Here are a few rules with regards to the size of models and the engines;

  1. The model aircraft must be of conventional design with forward wing and an aft tailplane with the engine mounted in tractor configuration in the nose of the airframe.

  2. Weight, less fuel but including all equipment necessary for flight, shall be at least 1134 grams [2 pounds 8 ounces]. If ballast is used it must be permanently and safely affixed to the model.

  3. The fuselage shall have a minimum height of 127 mm [5 inches]and a minimum width of 69.85 mm [2.75 inches] the measurements to be of the fuselage body and are to exclude any fins, attachments or spacers. Both minimum dimensions must occur at some point within the wing chord.
    Fillets are not considered part of the fuselage or lifting surfaces.

  4. The only propellers allowed are the APC 8”x7” and APC 8”x8”