2020 Points scoring system explained

2020  Points scoring system explained

We have decided to introduce a new scoring system to reflect on personal performance and final position in the race meeting, on the face of it it may seem complicated but it is fair and should work well

This Weighted Points System is designed to enhance rewards for higher performance (i.e. lower race times) as opposed to just race position regardless of the times. It also rewards the fastest time of any race meeting with an additional point. The actual race order is unaffected (the highest placed contestants will always receive the highest number of points in order of merit – only the actual quantitative value of a placement is weighted in favour of pilots the achieving fastest times.

Scoring System

For 2020, the target time is set to be 60 seconds and the maximum points available for each League event winner is 10.

Only integer points (not fractional) can be awarded. The available integer points from 10 down to 0 are assigned to the following time bands: (See Appendix)

The 1st band is for times less than 60.0s, where max points awardable = 10;

The 2nd band is less than 61.0 and up to 60.0s. where max points awardable = 9;

The 3rd band is less than 62.0 and up to 61.0s. where max points = 8;

The 4th band is less than 63.5 and up to 62.0s. where max points = 7;

And so on with the subsequent band limits at 65, 67, 69, 72, 76, and 85;

Until the 11th band, which is more than 85.0s, where 0 points are awarded.

2.2) The points above are calculated and awarded for each Race Meeting held throughout the season (with the BMFA Nationals counting as 2 events i.e. double points awarded.)

2.3) The pilot achieving Fastest Time of the Day is awarded one additional point.

2.4) As under FAI Rules, each pilot drops one score after 4 events, 2 after 8 etc. and the points per pilot are summed to achieve the rank order. The pilot with the highest points at the end of the season is the BMFA League winner.

  1. Appendix

The Maximum Points to be awarded (vertical Axis) plotted as a function of the Time achieved above the target value of 60 seconds (horizontal axis).


For a race with 5 contestants and :-

The winner gets an average time of 59.4. He is awarded the maximum of 10 points as he is in the top band.

The 2nd place time is 62.7. He is awarded the max points for that band 7 points.

The 3rd place time is 62.9. He is also in the band which has a max points of 7 awardable, so he is awarded the next available score which is 6 points.

The 4th place gets a time of 64.8 which has a band max of 6, but this has already been awarded, so he gets next available highest score of 5 etc.

The 5th place time is 93.0. He is in the band of Max = 0 so gets zero points.

For a race with 2 pilots :-

The winner gets a time of 66.1, so gets 5 points.

The 2nd placed gets time of 72.2, so gets 2 points.